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Removing small cores of soil from your lawn reduces soil compaction, relieves thatch accumulation, and promotes root growth for healthier grass.

Core aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements through these means:


  • Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere.
  • Enhanced soil water uptake.
  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use.
  • Reduced water runoff and puddling.
  • Stronger turfgrass roots.
  • Reduced soil compaction.
  • Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance.
  • Improved resiliency and cushioning.
  • Enhanced thatch breakdown.


With Easy Steer Technology, the Lawnaire V Aerator, B & S Engine, maneuvers around highly landscaped areas—quickly and efficiently. Designed to rotate independently while driving, innovative tine assemblies allow you to steer without removing the tines from the ground.


  • Hollow steel coring tines: Removes solid cores. Hardened alloy steel coring tines stay in the ground when you turn
  • Easy Steer Technology: Easily maneuver along paths and contours. Cores stick in the ground without tearing up the turf.
  • Sized to your needs:  26.5-inch aeration width

Ryan Lawnaire V Aerator - Self Propelled, Large 26.5" Width

  • This equipment will require two (2) able-bodied people to lift into a truck bed.  

    Strongly recommend using a trailer with loading ramp, a truck with lift gate, or utilizing our local delivery service for $7.99.  Delivery zone is within 20 miles of Greer, SC 29650.  Mileage surcharge may apply if outside this area.    

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