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Stens Power Rotary Scissors makes quick work with trimming grass, weeds, vines and even think woody stems. The scissors action cuts through plant growth with exceptional ease. It's also capable of edging lawns with a precise and straight line close to sidewalks and driveways. It won't throw rocks, twigs or other debris. A bottom disk prevents scalping and lawn damage. Plus, you never have to replace line on a string trimmer again.


  • Rotary cutter trims low to the ground for a neat and tidy appearance
  • Bottom disk rests on the ground to prevent scalping and lawn damage
  • Edging function produces a crisp, straight line close to driveways and sidewalks
  • Patent pending design prevents kickback and debris from being thrown around
  • Scissors action effortlessly cuts grass, weeds, vines and thin woody stems
  • Blade eliminates the need to frequently replace line on a string trimmer


Trims close to hardscape materials.

You can get a precise trim right up to curbs, planters, decks, patios, landscape edging and other hardscape materials.

Power Rotary Scissors

SKU: 364215375135191
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